Hamilton East Heritage Festival

Presented by Hamilton East Community Trust

Steele Park Hamilton East 10am to 3pm Sunday 25th February  2018


Business name:  ______________________________________________

First + last names: _____________________________________________

Phone: _______________________Mobile: ________________________

Email:  ______________________________________________________

Website:  ____________________________________________________

Description of sold goods: ________________________________________


Do you use a generator / diesel engine (no power available on site)  NO / YES
No music or loudspeakers permitted.

What kind of site do you prefer:

*Community group 3x3m $ 30
*Standard 3x3m $ 50
*large     6x3 m.  $70
*Food stands and stalls $95

O I have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions.

Signature _____________________________  Date:_____________________

Please return this registration form to:  Cheryl Noble
Email: noblecherry@gmail.com    
Or post to: Waimarie Community House 53 Wellington Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton 3216