1.     By signing this form you and your organisation / company / business ("the stall holder") shall be deemed to have agreed to and shall abide by the rules and regulations stipulated by the Organisers and the conditions herein.

2.     Each stallholder shall alert the Stall Coordinator, Cheryl Noble 0211390935 in the first instance of any issue or cause or concern he/she may have regarding any matter concerning or arising from the stall at the Heritage Festival.  Where necessary you can contact the Festival Manager, Chris Rollitt  0275739043

3.     Each stallholder shall deal with all participants and the general public at the Event with politeness and respect and will not to be embroiled in argument or behaviour likely to disrupt any activity at the Event or to bring the Event in disrepute.

4.     Each stallholder shall observe all relevant health and safety requirements and the by-laws of Hamilton City Council. Hamilton East Community Trust Fundraising Team reserve the right to refuse registration or attendance if adherence to the requirements of the Council By-laws and conditions of Application are not respected. No camping is allowed on the Gala site at any time.

5.     A stall shall comprise of an area as laid out by the organizers and as agreed in confirmed booking; each stallholder shall be responsible to provide his/her own necessaries to operate from there; shelter, tables etc . No power is supplied to the sites. No music or loudspeakers permitted.

6.     Each stallholder shall contain their stall within the perimeter of the site and shall not allow items or vehicles or equipment to extend outside of the site's perimeter. Each stallholder shall keep the stall clean, tidy and hygienic at all times and shall remove all rubbish off site at the close of the Event. Please use biodegradable packaging.

7.     The location of your stall shall be determined by the Organisers at its sole discretion.

8.     The Festival site gate will open to stallholders at  7:30am. With cars parked off site by 9am. Please take your place in the queue and have your entry letter ready to show at the gate. The stallholder will be directed onto the allocated stall site. The Festival is open to the public from 10am, Stallholders must vacate the Park site no later than 4.00pm on the day of the Gala. Please restrict vehicle speed on site to 5km maximum and put on hazard lights.

9.     Applications will be considered on the first come first serve basis, however, ensuring a broad range of stalls are available. The Applicant must specify all goods being sold. Our festival supports quality made products . No subletting or sharing of stalls is permitted.

10.  The Organisers have the sole discretion whether to accept your application and they are under no obligation to give any reason for their refusal. The Organisers' decision shall be final.

11.  No refund shall be made to any stall holder for failure to utilise the located stall or for its poor performance whether caused by bad weather or lack of crowd participation or for any other reason whatsoever other than due to cancellation of the entire event by the Organisers.

12.  Under no circumstances shall the Organisers make good or accept responsibility or liability:

(i)       for any damage or theft or loss of any property, goods, articles, or things whatsoever and wheresoever placed, deposited, brought into or left upon any part of the Event venue by the stall holder or by anyone on his/her behalf,

(ii)           for any personal injury howsoever caused or contributed at the Event;

(iii)          for any financial loss suffered by a stallholder as a result of his/her participation in the Event or due to the cancellation of the Event due to bad weather or  to poor crowd participation at the Event,

And every stallholder shall indemnify and hold the Organisers, their members/officials, volunteers and agents harmless in respect thereof and for all costs and expenses arising by reason of it. 

13.  In case of any unexpected event, no stall holders can go to the media. Any issues must be directed to the organisers.          

   These Terms and Conditions are signed and agreed on the Stall Holder Application Form & Agreement of Terms and Conditions.